A TEA Party organization -A Resource for information and networking for conservatives in Alamance Co, NC.

Our February meeting will be in the same location
at the mall we used for the caucus

The February meeting will be held on the 18th.
Our Alamance County Sheriff’s Office team members will do two presentations. The first will cover what you should do and how to protect yourself if you find you are in an “active shooter” situation, and will include some training video. In addition they will provide some information for those of us who are CCW holders on what they should be prepared to do to protect themselves and others. In the second segment they will be presenting some basic self-defense and personal protection techniques.
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Meeting begins at 6:30pm.

Limbaugh: ‘You Will Never Doubt’ Ted Cruz Is Conservative [AUDIO]

TED CRUZ: The only candidate who can beat Donald Trump is me! — [NEW VIDEO]

Statewide TEA Party Caucus was a great success!

        Location              Cruz   Carson   Paul  Trump
BurlingTON            47           45              1           4

Times-news coverage of event
Cruz 50.13% and Carson 42.05%,
Rand Paul 2.3% Marco Rubio .51% Trump 3.97%
Jindal .26% Carly Fiorina .77%
FULL RESULTS BY LOCATIONTriad conservative report

FreedomWorks at the North Carolina Tea Party Constitutional Caucus

national debt

Outside Kay Hagan's office on Greengate Dr in Greensboro

Our Primary Goals

• To elect true conservative candidates ready to represent us by use of the US Constitution
• To elect candidates who believe in smaller government and less regulation.
• To elect candidates who will not make their government service a career
• To provide voters with the necessary information to make well educated decisions in the voting booth.

About Us

We are a group of local citizens who advocate lower taxes, less government and more personal responsibility on the part of the citizenry. 

Our group meets monthly
on the 3rd Thursday.

From Conservapedia.com
A conservative adheres to principles of limited government, personal responsibility and moral values, agreeing with George Washington's Farewell Address that "religion and morality are indispensable supports" to political prosperity.[1] [2]

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Our group has been together since 2008.  We came together as a response to the non reactive county GOP at the time.