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Gary Williamson and James Myrick pulled together a great event around the courthouse to save the Confederate soldier from being taken down by a group calledConfederate Soldier Monument Concerned Citizens of Alamance led by Michael Graves.  Rally for the Monument went off at 12 noon Saturday, July 18th.
James Myrick did a great job with first starting a petition on line at Change.org.  On Monday Gary Williamson pulled a permit for a few hundred to meet around the base of the Confederate Veteran monument in Graham.  The response online on facebook page "Rally for the Monument" linked from "Alamance County taking Alamance County Back"  By mid week he was forced to request a permit to allow up to 4000 people.
News coverage was plentiful with reporters from News 2, Fox 8, and even TWCable 14.

Past programs at the K&W

March 19th - Hal Weatherman
     Hal's presentation outlines the battle that we face as Republican activists during the campaign season. His strategies for building a conservative grassroots movement are helpful to groups preparing for upcoming campaign efforts. He discusses the methods used in Dan Forest's campaign for Lt. Governor that helped him win a statewide election.

April 16th - Terry Johnson - Sheriff Alamance County spoke on the subject of Border insecurity and human trafficking as well as drug trafficking.

May 21st - Clarence Henderson - Member of the Woolworth Sit-in. On the second day of the Greensboro sit-in, Joseph A. McNeil and Franklin E. McCain are joined by William Smith and Clarence Henderson sat at the Woolworth lunch counter in Greensboro, NC.

June 18th - Congressman Mark Walker, NC 6th US Congressional District

Beginning in 2016

NC will require voters to show a photo ID when they present to vote in person. Photo ID is any one of the following that contains a photograph of the registered voter, have a printed expiration date and be unexpired.
(1) A NC drivers license
(2) A special ID card for non-operators
(3) A US passport
(4) A US military ID Card OR
(5) A Veteran's ID Card by the US Dept of Veterans Affairs
(printed expiration or issuance dates not required)
(6) A tribal enrollment card issued by a federally recognized tribe. OR
(7) by a tribe recognized by this State
(8) A driver's license or non-operators ID card issued by another state, District or territory of the US if voter's registration was within 90 days.
Considering the contentious attitude of the liberal opposition, we ask you download a copy of these Voter ID options and SHARE THE LIST.

Get ready because this will certainly irritate you, but we think it speaks to the character and attitude of our current president.